Creating Special Event tickets

Purchasing rule setup

How To: Nonprofits

Flexible event ticket rules

Civic Dawn gives maximum flexibility in designing your event ticketing options to fit many types of scenarios.

Tickets by Age Group

You may want to charge younger age groups less in banquet style events, since they usually eat less. You can use a few of the ticket rule types to assist with this setup

* Example age based tickets
Default text
* Example added "Members Only" ticket.

Discount ticket for paying members

Your members that pay dues may get limited free or discounted tickets per event.

Tickets for add-ons

You can do this in a couple ways.

  1. Have multiple tiers of tickets for packages. Silver, Gold, Platinum. Each tier up comes with a higher package and benefits.
  2. Offer a base ticket for entry, and other ticket types for add-on benefits. This lets attendees pick portions they want to participate in.
Default text
* A 'Player Introduction' add-on example. Create more add-ons and let buyers pick the ones they want

Configuring Ticket Types

Add a Ticket

The first step is on the event page, press the "Add" button to the right of the Tickets heading.

Default text
* Location of the Add Ticket button
Default text
* Edit Ticket form

Ticket Entry Form

  1. "Name" Start with a descriptive ticket name
  2. "Minimum Donation" - Buyer must pay at least this much for each ticket of this type.
  3. "Suggested Donation" - ask for something optional over the base price
  4. "Maximum Tickets per buyer" - limit loss from too many discounted tickets.
  5. "Min Purchase to Enable" - (Dollars) This indicates this ticket cannot be purchased on its own. Other tickets totaling this much or more enables purchase of this ticket.
  6. "Min Purchase Failure Message" - This is shown to a buyer if they add this ticket without buying other tickets totaling or exceeding "Min Purchase to Enable"
  7. "Required Member Level" - Default is "everyone". You can require buyers to be assigned a member level by you first.