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Civic Dawn is a refreshing new way to connect you to nonprofits

We started in St. Louis, Missouri on a mission to help nonprofits with free fundraising and community building tools.

Join us to help nonprofits you care about most.

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Anyone can start a fundraiser for a nonprofit of their choice. Find a nonprofit on Civic Dawn that needs your help, or invite one to join so you can raise funds for them.

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Value Surveys

Take a survey on a category of your choice and Civic Dawn will match you with nonprofits that need your help.

Nonprofits list their upcoming in-person event fundraisers here, along with a way to donate to their cause.

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Search for nonprofits in your area or nationwide.

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* nonprofit directory search results. Click "More" button on a result to see full profile.

How do you sign up?

Create an account, take a survey, get matched.

We are a free service for nonprofits. We just ask for a small optional tip with donations.

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Check out how we help nonprofits with fundraising and community building tools.

All our tools are 100% free for nonprofits.

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