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Campaign Fundraisers

Set a goal and target date. Donors can then create their own campaigns to feel good about raising more for your cause.

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Customizable donation amounts

You decide which frequencies and amounts are best for your nonprofit.

Add what each amount allows you to do as encouragement for donors to take it to the next level.

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More Engagement

With your volunteers and donors via platform events and surveys

New Volunteers

Our network leads new civic minded people to you

More Donations

No platform fees, donor opt-in cover credit card fees, new donors

Data Security / Segmentation

Your donor contact list is secure from leakage to other groups

Donation Reporting

Insightful reports on past donations and forecasted donations

Offline Donations

Record in-person check payments for report inclusion

Ticketed Events

Free and various donation levels, restrict counts per type

Personalized Help

A Civic Dawn staff Account Manager is here to help you optimize effectiveness

Immediate payouts

Platform donations are direct to your account, no need to request payouts!

Getting Started

What can you expect at sign up?

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We need to know a little about you. Create an account with your email address and a name, so we can show your info as leader of your nonprofit. It's quick and easy.

We ask to verify your email address and phone number to prevent duplicate accounts.

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Claim your pre-made Nonprofit profile or add a new one

Sign up and verify an email address that was invited and you'll be linked automatically. You can then add and invite other leadership of your nonprofit.

You can always register a new nonprofit from the Organizations page.

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Connect Fundraising

Begin the connect flow from your nonprofit's page when logged in as an admin. You'll just need your EIN and your deposit bank account details.

We use Stripe for payment processing for best in class card processing security compliance. Every donation goes direct to YOUR stripe account and bank and never in our accounts. Say goodbye to asking your fundraising platform for a payout!

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