Customize donation amounts

Encourages higher donations

Custom amounts in action

When you give people a purpose to each amount, they may give just a little more knowing what it would help you accomplish.

You can set different amounts and reasons for each donation interval (e.g. "Just Once" versus 'Monthly")

* donor view of donate form with custom amounts

Before you begin

Make sure you have enabled fundraising on Civic Dawn. Check out how here: Connect Stripe

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*The organization profile page card and menu

Profile Edit Options

Once you have claimed or created your nonprofit profile, you'll have access to the 3-dot menu on the profile card. Click on that to open the list of options you can edit.

Select "Fundraising Options" to edit donation amounts, campaigns and funds.

Changing your donation levels

You can decide which donation frequencies are enabled for your donors, Once, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly or Annual. You also decide which is the default for new donations. We suggest one of the recurring options as a default.

You can edit each frequency with the Edit button below the amounts column.

Default text
*Overview of all frequencies with current values. Disabled options are up to the nonprofit.
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*Editing the amounts and descriptions for a single donation frequency.

Add descriptions for each custom amount

By providing a description the donor will know what they are enabling you to do with an amount.

If a donor intends to give $15, but the $25 amount description provides a bigger impact that reaches their heart, they just may give that little bit more! Be inspiring and tell donors what you do!

We recommend higher dollar amounts for 'Once' donations over recurring frequencies. Contact your Civic Dawn account manager for some ideas.