Fundraise for my favorite nonprofit

Personal campaigns

The easiest way to help a nonprofit you love

  1. Find a nonprofit's profile
  2. Name your fundraiser and set a goal. (optional: add an image)
  3. Write a short message of encouragement
  4. Share the page on Social Media
Don't worry about collecting, managing or submitting funds

Find a nonprofit

Use our nonprofit directory to search for local, state or nationwide nonprofits.

If the one you love isn't on Civic Dawn yet, encourage them to sign up right here. It's FREE.

*nonprofit search page. New nonprofit green button at the top. Search filter on the left. Click a nonprofit 'More' button to see the profile
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*nonprofit profile with current campaign summary

Nonprofit profile

When you open a nonprofits page, it will have a green Donate button if you can create a fundraiser. If it's missing, they didn't link up deposits from Civic Dawn yet. Reach out to the leaders lower in the page to encourage them to sign up.

If you see a fundraiser, you can View Updates to view the main campaign fundraiser page.

Campaign Updates

Every fundraiser page comes pre-built with easy to use features.

Create your own fundraiser

Its easy, just press the Create your fundraiser button in the Donor Fundraisers section.

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*Example campaign fundraiser sharable page
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*Fundraiser create/edit form with sample values

Creating / Editing your Fundraiser

You can edit all the metadata in a simple form.

  1. custom title and rich text description
  2. your selected goal - an amount or donation count
  3. a start date, goal date and final end date.
  4. custom banner image

The banner image is edited after you close this form using the camera icon next to the placeholder banner


The Message button at the top lets you or any donor add a message on this page.

After you create your campaign fundraiser, update your friends and other potential donors why this cause is important to you. Pin your favorites to the top for everyone to see first.

Keep coming back and post to keep followers up to date with the campaign progress and encourage interactions. Then reshare this page on social media for more exposure.

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*campaign activity stream and related fundraiser campaigns list.